Routes and Tracks



The Routes and Tracks Will Be Posted One Week Before The Ride HERE.

Routes and Tracks


1-You are RESPONSIBLE for downloading the tracks/routes, uploading them to YOUR GPS unit and Navigating yourself. You are your own leader.

2-Buy a GPS and KNOW HOW TO USE IT. Well.

3-HOMEWORK: Load a track/route, get on your bike, navigate the track/route. Can you average 18+ mph? (500 miles divided by three days equals approximately 170 miles per day. You simply cannot do it while averaging 8 mph!) If not, you better know how to navigate for yourself and be prepared to leave last. You should be able to cut and head for camp based on traveling your own speed. Knowledge is power (your power) in these matters. STUDY. Go ride!

4-Be prepared to ride at least 100 miles without a gas station (carry gas if you must) and change your own flats.

These routes / tracks are only suggestions. Follow at your own risk! If you see a place beyond your skill level, re route. Ride Safe, your on your own.