2018 Registration is Open!

The 7th Annual Arkansas 500 Dual-Sport Adventure Ride registration is open! Proceed to the registration link (???? email scotty at scott@turpentinecreek.org0 to make sure you have a spot. The ride is capped at 80 this year. After doing 6 of these epic Dual-Sport rides I know this is the best number of riders for our unique format. This year’s ride will have some more fun “off the beaten path” sections for those who love a challenge. All of these sections will have go-arounds for those cautious riders.

Registration is open – secure your spot now.


  1. Halcyon Rider

    Thinking about joiningg you folks this year.Do we have dates yet?

    1. admin (Post author)

      April 6-8, thanks,

  2. John Wilbers

    I had a great time last year and looking forward to it this year.
    I am eager to get the tracks when they are ready, even a rough draft :)
    I am a GPS nerd!! If there is anything Dale or I can do to help out, lemme know.

    Shirts this year? Large

    On the check-in table or coffee spot would you OK with us putting out some fliers for our Adventure Palooza ride in September? Last year went amazing, and we were able to donate $500 to Wounded Warriors.

    Lemme know,
    Thanks, John

    1. admin (Post author)

      We are working on the tracks and will have them up by Monday, April 2. We don’t send out preliminary tracks because we found it confused all who shared, resulting in lost people to chase down. I will be sending out a survey by March 10 which will collect shirt sizes and see who will make it for the Thursday afternoon ride and dinner.

      When is your Adventure Palooza ride?

  3. Bill Hearne

    is just making the donation all that is required to register?

    1. admin (Post author)

      Yes, that saves your spot. Then around March first you will get a form to fill out which will include your shirt size and a formal release.

  4. Rob

    Scotty, it’s been awhile, but just sent in my donation. Looking forward to seeing you again.
    Rob (Rydah) from Houston.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Fantastic Rob! What are you riding nowadays?

  5. Jim hoffman

    Signed up and ready for another great adventure

  6. lynn h. plog

    scott… just made donation… planning on getting there thur, to begin in the fun. will get a 4 gal. tank for my te 250. HOPEFULLY WILL GIVE ME ENOUGH RANGE TO STOPS.

  7. John Wilbers

    Hi Scott,
    Palooza is Sept 28 – 30th (THE LAST WEEKEND OF SEPTEMBER)

    Our adventure ride has 4 major tracks that all converge in Mexico MO.
    There is a track that comes up from Southern Missouri for folks coming from Arkansas….

    Our information is on our website http://www.adventureridersllc.com/


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